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#MORE Than Good Business! βœ”οΈ

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Are You Missing Out? #fomo πŸ’°

customers mail sales May 03, 2019
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#ADDICTED To Knowing Stuff ⁉️

information marketing sales May 03, 2019
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Slow it Waaaaaayyy Down, Partner! 🀠

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When it’ll be happy. 😊

reap the harvest sow May 03, 2019
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Production Means Everything Production is Marketing πŸ’°

marketing production sales May 03, 2019
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attention marketing sales May 03, 2019
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Commercial Roofing Sales with Owen Shrock from ROOFQUEST Contractor Network


Recorded live with Owen Shrock.

[*This interview was originally recorded as an exclusive for my private Mastermind group. It is now being shared publicly on the free Roofing Salesman University blog for you.]

The video is grainy and jumpy (my fault). The audio is okay (again, my fault), but the information Owen shares about the nuts & bolts reality of making money in commercial roofing sales is AMAZING!

Seriously, several gold nuggets in here, and I would suggest following up with any other questions when you finish listening. Owen will respond to comments here. So, feel free to comment on this thread and hit the website Owen mentions at the end of the interview.

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Are You Getting Paid?

phone calls Feb 02, 2019

Are you getting paid?

Not every payment comes in the form of cash, check, or charge. If you're not getting paid for the work you do, you're doing it all wrong!

Sign your entire sales team up for the Roofing Salesman University. Ask me for the link by sending a message now or visiting the "Store" link above and scheduling a phone call.

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