About Mike Coday

Sentimental Family Man

Mike Coday, founder of the popular Roofing Salesman website and author of multiple newsletters, is a master business strategist to company owners and salespeople.

Mike is well known as the pioneer of strategy consulting to the residential roofing industry. With parents who were both teachers, and being a retired youth pastor himself, it's fair to say consulting and education come naturally for Mike.

When he's not working with his private clients and partners, you'll find Mike enjoying family time with his wife, daughter, and son.

The Mike Coday Family

Quantum Success Since 2010

The roofing industry was first introduced to Mike in late 2010 through the Roofing Salesman website, and shortly thereafter his walking YouTube videos and Platinum newsletter.

When you schedule a private event with Mike for your company, we'll invest a day and a half optimizing your systems & processes and working with your sales team.


Mike offers online mentoring for company owners who are ready to take their business to the next level quickly. You'll have one-on-one access with monthly action items.

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Occasionally, you'll find Mike speaking at industry conferences. Although he stays busy with private clients, you may inquire about possible openings for your event.

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