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Roofing Is A Commodity

Roofing is a commodity.
Meaning, it's common. Easy to get. #sad
Anything common and easy to get is cheap, right?
Click this link to see what I mean about roofing being a commodity.
Notice, I didn't say quality, professional roofing is a commodity, but everybody claims they're quality, professional, experienced, licensed, certified, blah, blah, blah, right?
You and me, we know the difference because we're experts in the roofing business.
We can pass a new install going 70 MPH down the interstate and spot the problems out of the corner of our eye. We know quality!
How do your prospects tell the difference between a commodity and what's actually valuable?
They can't!
They have to use a shortcut to help them figure it out. 
That shortcut is AUTHORITY.
They buy from you because you were highly recommended by their Aunt Suzy. That's Authority!

They buy from you because they watched you take...
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