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pressure prospects sales truth May 06, 2019
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There’s two kinds of pressure...

pressure prospects sales May 03, 2019

EXTERNAL PRESSURE This is pressure created by a hard closing, aggressive, intimidating salesperson. They bully, mock, and push you into the sale. Problem is, people resent pressure. Pressure creates resistance, and resistance, by its nature, is bad for sales. We fully explore resistance and pressure in the Roofing Salesman University. Resistance bad. Agreement good. When external pressure salespeople run out of people they can shove, they have to pack up their bags and chase a new storm. INTERNAL PRESSURE This is pressure created from the internal dialog your prospect has with themselves based on the thoughts, feelings, and emotions activated by the salesperson. The prospect moves into agreement based on their own internal core belief system. Internal pressure is a more advanced sales skill, but also simple & elegant because it aligns with the prospect’s own internal energy rather than pushing from the outside with 10X brute force. Watch this video.

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