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Dang! It's Getting Colder. #networking #wealth #associations

cold networking wealth Jul 31, 2019
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cold sales Jul 30, 2019

A few hours after recording this video, Rick Reaves from Trinity Roofing and Construction knocked on my door to try and sell me a brand new roof. He was out field training a new appointment setter. Rick is only the 4th or 5th roofing salesman to knock my door in the 15 years since I've lived in my home. I invested 15-20 quality minutes with him in my driveway and personally taught him 2 massive money-making strategies. We did the role playing, to make sure he had a good grasp of the ideas, and he had both ideas locked down solid. I know he'll put them into effect right away. I swore him to keep what he learned a secret and to call me when the strategies started working. I'll probably never do that again--but I respect a guy who doesn't let the freezing weather hold him down. Here's to Rick Reaves, and all the other salespeople, who aren't afraid of a little cold weather. I am proud of you!

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