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It's Frustrating On Your Own #leverage #mechanicaladvantage #help

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The Sucker Test for Roofing Leads Advertising


 Burning Money on Roofing Leads  

I won't stay quiet any longer...

This is the simplest of many advertising money tests I personally use before entering a market to generate leads.

I'm going to show it to you now.

If you're buying ads, or paying somebody to run ads for you, and you watch this video, I want you to message me when you finish watching, deal?

My '2-Step Test' will immediately reveal if you, or your competition, is burning money on paid advertising in ANY market in the United States or Canada.

You know me, I don't like calling people out because it makes them feel bad, but massive stacks of good money are getting burned to the ground by people claiming to be online advertising experts.

They're not experts! Most are fakers who talk big.

Imagine if you had your wasted money back in your pocket. You could take another vacation, hire more staff, or double-down on advertising for more good customers.

You can't afford to burn your own money on...

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