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Worth More?

Do you want to be worth more?

There’s a simple trick to getting yourself, or anyone, or anything, to be worth more.

Ready for the answer?

Here it is, “If you want to be worth more, you have to pay more.”

Similarly, if you want anything in your life to be worth more, you have to make it pay more.

✔️ Want a better marriage?

✔️ Want a better education?

✔️ Want a better business?

✔️ Want better employees?

The answer is to Pay More. 💰

Valuable people do valuable things because they have paid a valuable price. It has to pay more to be worth more. This law is fundamental.

Quit trying to improve your life by throwing a buck or two at it and giving a bit of your time wishing it would get better.

Make it cost so much you have no choice but to improve. 🤔

Anything that gets your money, gets your attention. It also gets your time & energy. Make it so expensive you have to improve.

✌️ Mike

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