Ending Things for Profit


The tomorrow you want may not come if you can’t end some of the things you’re doing today.

When these things don’t come to an end, heaviness and low energy steal the joy of running your company.

We get so busy, it’s hard to think about why and when to end things.

Honestly, we don’t want to think about it because the answers are hard, especially when it’s about ending relationships with people.

Something has to end for us to get to a new level because we need that recaptured energy, those emotional resources, and the increased attention to fuel our growth.

Something has to come to an end to open up new space for growth.

Endings are unliked necessities we often avoid or screw up because...

✅ It’s hard to know if we should end it or fix it.

✅ The unknown is scary.

✅ Confrontation is uncomfortable.

✅ We don’t like to hurt people.

✅ Letting go can make us sad.

✅ We don’t know how to end things.

✅ We avoid endings because they’ve always been painful.

✅ We repeat our ending mistakes.

Can you think of a time when you’ve had any of these thoughts while considering bringing something to an end?

Usually, there’s no good business reason to avoid endings.

It’s almost always the leader’s own personal issues holding them back from bringing things to a close.

Leaders are people too and we have our own issues and emotional baggage.

We are good at what we do, but we’re not prepared to take the next step; the step we should take to brings things to a close.

The problem with not ending things, or not ending them well, is we just repeat the same problem over and over again until we finally learn...or we never learn.

If you’re trying to grow your business, but you need help bringing things to an end, this is a big part of what I help my clients do.

Message me and we’ll find time to talk.

✌️ Mike

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