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We Need Help


Psychologists tell us desire and accomplishment are inversely related.

Often, the more someone wants to reach a goal, the less likely they are to achieve it. 😢

This always sounded counter-intuitive...

...until we consider desire alone has very little to do with intelligent action. 😳

Intelligent action does have an ingredient of desire, but action, smart action, requires so much more.

Accomplishing a goal, making a change, improving, takes more than desire. We know this, right?

Regardless of how bad we want it, or how much we sacrifice, success often eludes desire, often ending in frustration & depression. 😠

The burning internal craving to want more is only a starting point.

Most people want something.

Most people don’t achieve what they want.

“Desire is the beginning, not the end.” 🏆

Whether we’re wanting to hire and develop more salespeople, make improvements to our business, or we’re trying to kick a bad habit, we need much more than desire.

We need help! 🎯

If we already had the skills, discipline, knowledge, and understanding to make it happen, we would already posses what we desire.

We all need help--help from outside ourselves. 👈

Actually, most of what makes change possible does not come from within us, it comes from outside us.

Without the outside help we need to change, to make improvements, we’re left to the skills, knowledge, and thinking we already know—and we know it’s not enough to create the change we desire.

In other words, we keep getting what we've always gotten because we keep bringing our same selves to the rescue.

This cycle of burning desire without improvement leads downward into hopelessness.

Dangdest thing is when people more successful than you lose hope. Hard to understand, but it’s true. People lose hope at every level of success.

Losing hope is never a good thing, right? 💫

Desire and accomplishment are inversely related because we need so much more than desire to achieve our goals.

We need help!

✌️ Mike

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