Use Video to Sell More Roofs

Selling With Video
Since selling is persuasive communication, and video can be a powerful communication device, let's quickly examine why you should consider using video to increase the power of your persuasion.
Roofing sales is all about solving the prospect's need for trust and credibility. If they trust you, believe you, and like you, your chances of closing the deal go way up. On the other hand, if they like you, but don't trust you, there's a good chance they'll do business with somebody else.
If you want to increase the power of your persuasion, you have to increase your trust and credibility.
Video is powerful because it bypasses some of the natural suspicions people have as consumers. 

A video message is automatically assigned a level of trust and credibility the same message delivered by another medium would not receive. In other words, you can say all the same things directly to your prospect's face at their kitchen table, but they'll usually believe you more if they watch you say the exact same words on a video.
Video is powerful because you can record it once and put it to work 24/7/365.

Any sales presentation you record can be placed online and work as an automatic kiosk selling your services all hours of the day and night. You can multiply the number of people who see and hear you best sales message by loading your video on popular hosting services like YouTube, sharing on social media, or embedding video on your website. 

Video is powerful because it is something not everybody else is doing.

The general rule in sales & marketing is this: when everybody starts doing it, do something different. Right now, video is unique and different. It stands out and makes an impact. The day will come when that's no longer true. Until then, be different, use video. 
Video is powerful because you can create it instantly with a tool you already own.
Almost everybody has a cell phone with a camera that takes video, right? Flip that bad boy around and push record! Record your message from wherever you are and share it instantly. Want to capture a powerful testimonial from your latest satisfied customer? Push record! Upload it to your social media. This is easy, cheap, and powerful marketing that can increase your trust and credibility in the market.
Video Challenge
Okay, we both know the #1 challenge with using video is simply being afraid to put yourself out there for the whole world to see forever and for eternity. If you'll go back and watch one of my first videos on setting appointments, you'll see exactly what I mean. It's scary to put yourself out there.
Here's my video challenge to you...
Record a short video with your cell phone, as soon as you finish reading, and immediately upload your new video to Facebook. Tag me in your video!
Your video can be about anything. Sell us something. Tell us something interesting (or boring) about yourself. Talk about your favorite hobby or just show us your dog and tell a funny story. 
I honestly doubt more than one or two of you will record the video right now and upload it, but for those of you who take the video challenge, I want you to know how proud I am of you for taking a huge first step towards improving your sales & marketing. You have to face your fears if you want to get better.
✌ Mike

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