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Too Easy?

My wife once had a 3 hour visit with her dentist.
She's one of those people who hates going to the dentist -- she despises shots. Instead of coming back for multiple visits, she insisted on sitting in the chair for the entire procedure: root canal, crown, and an extra filling.
I told her, "Babe, you've had two children and they were big babies. If you made it through the pain of having our kids, I'm sure you'll be fine with a little work on your teeth."
Secretly, I was hoping she would let me sit in the waiting room and get some work done, but 30 minutes into the appointment, the dental assistant came out and asked me to come back. My wife wanted me to sit beside her for the rest of the procedure. Obviously, I gladly went back to be with her. 
I may be a little slow, but I'm not stupid!
Actually, I already knew she would want me to come back, but I waited for her to ask. She wanted to try and be brave all on her own, but we both knew I would be sitting back there with her sooner or later.
Let Them Ask You
What I'm about to say may sound totally stupid if you're single and have never been married, but sometimes it's better when they ask you instead of you asking them.
My wife is her own person -- there's no doubt about it.
She likes to make her own decisions -- just like most of your prospects.
You may know where they want you to go and what they want you to do, but sometimes it's better if you let them ask you first because prospects want to be respected as thinking, feeling, intelligent human beings.
A professional salesperson will lead a prospect right up to the point where they'll ask for help without giving them the solution in advance. Allow your prospect to get involved in your presentation. Leave some room for their imagination to explore your ideas.
When they feel the pain -- the pain you led them to, wait until they ask you for the answer. 
✌ Mike
P.S. You're in the zone when you know what your prospect is going to ask you next. It's almost too easy when you find a system that smoothly walks your prospect from your first meeting at the front door all the way through to picking up their last check. Sounds good, doesn't it? 

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