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The Size of The Profit

"It's not the size of the roof; it's the size of the profit."
If you've been selling roofs for more than a few months, you know how much you make isn't based on the the size of the roof you sell; it's all based on the size of the profit.
Big jobs can make less than small jobs...and take much longer to get paid in full, too.
If you could make the same amount of profit selling 1 job as you make selling 3 jobs now, wouldn't that be something you would want to know more about? If you're like I am, your answer is, "YES!" 
On a job that's an insurance claim, you max out your profits by making sure all of the work you're doing is included on the scope (insurance estimate). Unfortunately, that money isn't always included on the original paperwork.
As much as 90% of the profit in your next job could be recovered by getting these missing line items included in a revised Xactimate estimate. That's money in your pocket. Sure, it takes a little work, but it's not as hard as going out and selling more work to make less money.
On a retail job, it comes down to how much value you can sell for what you're installing. Some contractors sell the same job for thousands less while others sell it for thousands more. It comes down to how you sell your value.
That's how you sell 1 job and make as much as selling 3.
Sounds good, doesn't it?

✌ Mike


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