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Smart People Tell Me I'm Stupid


This is where all the dumb people say, “Mike, I’ll tell ya you’re stupid for free!” 🤣

One of the hardest things entrepreneurs like us do is admit we don’t know everything we need to know.

Worse, we don’t have time to figure it all out. An even more terrifying thought has recently crossed my mind, “I don’t even know what I don’t know!”

That’s why I pay smart people, folks smarter than me, to tell me where I’m being stupid.

Because I pay them, they tell me what to fix and how to fix it, so I can be smarter, too.

And because I’ve paid them big money, I listen real good and take massive action.

It’s humbling.

Real humbling!

As an entrepreneur, I’m heavily invested in believing I can do it.

My family’s survival has often come down to the good Lord and my determination to figure it out.

I’ve always trusted me more than I trusted anybody else because nobody else could have done what I’ve been able to do.

When the chips were down, I went all-in on the hand I was dealt and walked away a winner...

...a winner with deep scars, but still a winner.

So, it’s been really hard to hear I’m stupid.

But I sure have been making a lot more money since I started paying smart people to tell me I’m being stupid.

Thank God! I’ve at least been smart enough to figure this shortcut out because it’s made all the difference in the world.


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