Stay In Front

When I started chasing my wife...
She's my wife now and has been for a long time, but she wasn't my wife when I first started chasing her.
When I started chasing my wife, I didn't actually chase her like I chased my first girlfriend back in 3rd grade on the playground. I used a much different tactic. Instead of throwing rocks and calling her names, I decided it would be better to play it smooth and be cool.
What I did do was try to get in front of her as often as I could. I found her at church, so I made sure to be at church every time the doors opened. I started participating in the activities she participated in. If there was a group of friends going out, I made sure I was in that group of friends.
I wanted to get in front of her as often as possible, as naturally as possible, as smoothly as possible.
Girlfriends and prospects are a lot alike...they forget about you if they don't see you very often.
Girlfriends might (maybe) chase you down if they really like you.
Wives will chase you down if you don't take care of business.
Prospects won't!
You'll have to stay in front of them.
✌ Mike

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