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Shift in Mindset 🧠

It’s a shift in mindset... 🍿

Company owners know the key to their next level of success is to get more leverage.

That leverage comes in many forms: optimizing systems & processes, expanding markets, hiring more salespeople, etc.

However, the focus often gets misdirected, especially when it comes to recruiting.

The owner feels a tremendous amount of internal pressure to get their best recruiting prospects to say, “Yes,” when all too often they hear, “No,” instead.

It gets to where the prize 🏆 becomes more about landing that coveted new salesperson than it does about what’s really important.

Here’s the shift in mindset...

👉 You are a transformational leader.

👉 You have the ability and desire to change their life when they come to work with you and your company.

👉 They are not saying “Yes” or “No” to you. That recruit is deciding whether they’ll say “Yes” or “No” to themselves.

You know what you’re worth.

If they decide to join your company, you already have the systems, processes, training, and support in place. You’re ready to go.

It’s simply a matter of whether now is the right time for them to invest in themselves.

Will they say “Yes” or “No” to themselves?

That’s all we need to know.

✌️ Mike

P.S. I help company owners prepare for leverage in all of these areas (systems, expansion, salespeople, etc.) Message me for info.

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