Mike Coday

Pay More to Get More

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned in life is ‘you have to pay more to get more.’ 💰

Seriously, for most of my life I’ve always wanted more, but my plan was to ‘pay less and still get more.’

I paid so little and got so little in return, you would think I would have learned the lesson a lot sooner.

I tried to pay in time, and lost my time. Yeah, I learned a little, but I lost so much time.

I tried to pay in experience and energy, but that route only made me tired, bitter, and frustrated.

The School of Hard Knocks will teach you things, but if what you learn isn’t “Don’t learn things the hard way,” you didn’t learn much.

These days, I prefer to pay more so I can get more and learn things faster.

Is it expensive?

Yes, of course it’s expensive.

But that’s what makes it valuable.

✌️ Mike

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