No More Problems

It’s late, I know, but let me share this before I fall asleep... 🍿

Folks get frustrated about the longevity of their problems.

They’re wanting a one-and-done forever fix, and instead they’re stuck with a constant reoccurrence of the same problem, different day.

“I shouldn’t have to be dealing with this 💩 anymore. When will it ever end?”

Fact is, problems never go away.

There is no level you can reach where you’ll be immune to problems.

New levels, new devils. 👿

If you’re thinking you have to get rid of your problems before you’ll enjoy your life, well, you picked the wrong line of business, right?

The most successful among us also have the most problems to solve.

There is no fix that makes it quit.

And even if we solve all the problems you’ve got now, we’ll just create all new problems when you reach your next level of success.

I guess you could sell your company or maybe close your business down for good, but that would create problems too, wouldn’t it?

What we need isn’t a life without problems, but a mind that knows how to think about our problems because they’re never going away.

You can’t buy a course, hire a coach, or get a mentor to make problems go away. That’s impossible.

You have to develop a mindset that allows you to be successful in the midst of ever-increasing, never ending problems.

✌️ Mike

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