Salespeople, Know Your Moments!

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The first month of 2018 is almost gone.

What have you accomplished so far, you slacker! :-)

Fortunately, not every hour of every day is equally valuable.

There are moments in time worth thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars, and then there are those other times when we should have stayed in bed.

The trick is to know your moments.

When your business is slow, plan and prepare for those times in your life that will more than pay for these down times, these slow & lazy times, even the days we decide to stay in bed.

Get ready now for the days ahead when it will pay to go fast again.

Money loves speed, but it also loves control. You can burn yourself out going fast if you haven't planned and prepared first. Again, you have to know your moments.

If you're in the slow times, you want to invest in yourself now so you can profit later.

I’m investing the first quarter of 2018 helping my private coaching clients plan, prepare, and take fast action on the “Roadmap To Roofing Riches.”

Know Your Moments!


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