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It can’t be done!

“It can’t be done!” 🍿

And that’s the problem; they don’t do it because they believe it can’t be done. 😳

They look around and see there’s nobody else in their family doing great things. They don’t even try!

If anything, most of the people closest to them are saying, “Slow down! You’re pushing too hard. When is enough, enough for you?”

So they go to bed at night wondering, “Can I really do this?”

When you’re awake, you spend half your time looking for proof that your family & friends are right, “It can’t be done!,” and the other half of your time looking for proof that they’re wrong.

And you find proof of both! ✅

It can be done and it can’t be done. We know this, right?

That’s where the doubt comes from. That’s where the belief that “It can’t be done!” finds a home in your head. It’s in being double-minded.

Sure, it would be great to surround yourself in a high-value community of people who believe in you while isolating yourself from the doubters, haters, and well-intentioned people always cautioning you to “be more realistic.”

Until you can afford to get there, in that environment, somebody will have to stop believing, “It can’t be done!”

Because it can be done.

✌️ Mike

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