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Information vs. Wisdom

Information Overload
We live in times when almost everything you want to know can be found somewhere online.
If you're willing to dig, put this with that, connect the dots, you'll eventually piece all the information together.
Unfortunately, the great thing about the internet is the bad thing about the internet...there's just so much out there. It's really hard to know what to ignore and what to embrace.
Sure, there's plenty of information, but not all of it is good information, right?
Context Is Expensive
When information is everywhere, knowing what to ignore is what's valuable.
Time is more valuable than money because you can always make more money, but you can't make more time. 
When you give your prospects A to Z solutions--the kind that solves their problems front-to-back--you are giving them something extremely valuable...context...and context is expensive because it saves time by giving us the confidence to safely ignore everything that isn't important.
The Successful Can't Afford Free
Successful people can't afford free because the time it takes them to piece together all the information from multiple unknown, untrusted sources is more valuable than the amount of money they would save by paying a known trusted professional to put it all in context and take care of it for them.
Successful prospects can't afford free.
Successful salespeople can't afford free.
Successful company owners can't afford free.
P.S. If you are investing your time with prospects who want you to help them piece it all together for free, you're probably investing your time with the wrong prospects.
P.P.S. Not only are they costing you time, which is more valuable than money, but they're also more likely to beat you up on your price. After all, you gave them all your time for free! You probably work cheap, right?
P.P.P.S If you believe you are giving your prospects A to Z solutions, the kind that solves their problems front-to-back, but they still aren't buying, you are either talking to the wrong prospects or you have even bigger problems.

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