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I found out some things

Negatives are an unavoidable fact of life.
If there's a positive, you can be sure there's a negative. 
The battery in your truck takes a positive and a negative to get you down the road. Try disconnecting one and find out what happens, "I'm only going to run on POSITIVE today."
Obviously, you won't get very far disconnecting the negative because power needs to flow to be powerful.
Here's the payoff punchline...
You'll sometimes hear people say, "Yeah, I used to be really excited about it, but I found out some things..."
And then there's the excuses a salesperson makes when they quit selling, "They seemed like a really good company, but then I found out some things." Or maybe you've even thought, "Roofing sounded like a really good opportunity, but then I found out some things..."
And it's not just true for roofing or selling roofs, is it?
You can substitute any subject into the equation and you'll eventually hear somebody saying the same thing: Religion, parenting, neighborhood, in-laws, outlaws, whatever "....seemed really good, but then I found out some things!"
There's nothing powerful, or especially smart, about uncovering the negative. Any dummy can do it.
So, we all know the secret: Wherever you find something powerful and positive, you can be sure it's kicking off a lot of negative, too.
It's impossible to have a flow of power without both energies in operation. Positive & Negative go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly. Simply put, disconnect the negative and your truck won't run.
Since we can't have one without the other, how do we take advantage of our knowledge about power? 
Anytime you see something powerful, you know it is kicking off a lot of positive, and a lot of negative, too.
Positive is vital to progress because positive pushes forward. A salesperson who can't be positive seldom makes it long in sales. If we're going to take advantage of power, we can't ignore how valuable it is to be a positive salespeople. It's a power truth.
Prospects are going to be negative. They're seldom going to be more excited to see you than you are to see them. I would love if all my prospects answered the door with boundless enthusiasm, bouncing like a kid at Christmas, waiting to find out what I'm going to say and do next. It just doesn't happen that way.
Expect this negative energy. Don't be shocked when you give off positive energy and you get negative back. That's how energy works, right? It's a power truth, like peanut butter & jelly.
The absolute worst thing you can do is answer a prospect's negative with more of your own negative because you'll immediately stop the flow of energy. You need the power flowing, positive and negative, to move you toward your goal. This is also a power truth.
Now, this doesn't mean you can't occasionally use a little of your own negative to set off a spray of sparks to get their attention. You'll eventually have to correct yourself back to positive to get the energy flowing again.
If you're feeling negative, as an owner, salesperson, or sales manager, you can be sure you'll set off sparks when you connect with other negative people...yet another power truth.
An owner can be negative and still make progress if they're surrounded with positive people moving the business forward. Even a sales manager, who often has to bring the negative, can still make good progress, especially when they're correcting the flow of energy in their salespeople.
You can find anything you look for in life...because it's all there...positive and negative.
Whatever you look at, focus on, study, and hold intently in your mind becomes your perspective on the truth. It's not just true for you, it's true for everybody--whether positive or negative.
Ignoring this truth doesn't make the other side go away or make their truth less real.
You want to see the positive? It's there.
You want to see the negative? It's there, too. 
Just because it's there doesn't mean you have to make it your perspective. 
You choose what you see...
...and what you see determines how much you make.
P.S. Power can only be as powerful as it's ability to flow. If you disconnect the flow of power, you unplug from it's ability to work powerfully in your life. Little flow, little power. Big flow, big power. If you want an increase in power, you have to first increase the ability of the circuit to handle the flow of power--positive and negative.

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