Hustle & Grind?

They wear the ‘Hustle & Grind’ name tag like it’s a badge of honor. 🍿

In fact, they don’t feel good about themselves if they aren’t out there churning & burning away.

It’s almost shameful to them when they take time off—like they might lose their membership in the hustle club. 😳

Rather than just go and get away, they apologize and make excuses for why they “have to get away.”

When you’re first starting out in business, we all know you have to put in the work to get things going.

That mindset is a necessary beginning, right?

But as we grow and become more established, the same ‘Hustle & Grind’ kickstarter mindset is the same mindset that’s now a lock set 🔐 holding us back.

The more we grind, the deeper we get stuck in the same place.

It’s possible to release yourself from this depressing & exhausting prison. If you want help, find a way to connect with me and we’ll talk.

✌️ Mike

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