Give Him Power!

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." - Abraham Lincoln
You know what it's like when we're about to elect a President?
We're under a non-stop persuasion assault by all the politicians seeking office in our nation.
If you're like I am, you're sick & tired of everything being politicized. You know it's bad because now they've weaponized sports for political gain. Heck, it's even hard to find a beer commercial that hasn't been taken over for the sake of political persuasion.
Seriously, I would pay more to watch ESPN without the political commentary.
Just show us the highlights and throw out a few funny catch-phrases, please!
The NFL without politics? Let's do it. I liked football much better before the politics.
But they can't do it, can they? They really can't help themselves.
If there is an opening where the politicians can reach your emotions, they want access because your emotions are the key to controlling you. If you control the emotions, you control the masses. 
Church, school, sports, even shopping is being invaded & overtaken in an effort to establish increasingly more control because what's most important to you is most persuasive.
Almost everything is now being bought used for political gain. It's hard to grab a cup of coffee without a slogan slapped to the side of the cup.
My coffee cups at home have slogans I actually like: "World's Best Dad" or "Merry Christmas." They don't try to indoctrinate me. They just make my coffee taste better.
The only comfort I have is believing our politicians wouldn't be trying this hard to influence the vote if voting didn't count for at least a little something. I'm not 100% convinced that's still true, but maybe. Maybe!
My Dad often repeated a favorite saying of his about how difficult it is to change what's already in place: "Bureaucracies exist to perpetuate themselves."
You do realize that's like saying, "The reason I'm alive is to catch my next breath."
How hard do you think somebody would fight you if they were fighting for their next breath?

Do you think they would play fair?
Salespeople have traditionally been trained that the best way to persuade another person is through the words they speak. However, we've also been told more than 80% of communication is non-verbal.
In the opening paragraphs of this newsletter I used several powerful techniques to tie us together emotionally. Obviously, I took a risk because not everybody feels the same way about our current political landscape as we do. I was purposely polarizing in order to magnetize myself to you.
Neuroscience, a relatively new branch of science, has recently suggested more than 95% of communication happens through sub-conscious, unconscious, or what can be described as non-conscious thought.
Most of our perceptions, and therefore persuasions, live in an area of the mind that is not associated with awareness, intention, or conscious effort. We are being persuaded without being aware of the persuasion.
These powerful subconscious influences are why the sale is often made at the start of the sale, and not at the end. A "Strong Closer" is not really a closer at all, but rather how to be a "Strong Opener."

✌ Mike

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