Listen, everyone likes to talk about “Culture” because it’s one of those cool 😎 buzzwords that makes us sound like we’re successful.

But here’s the thing about Culture that a lot of company owners get wrong and it’s painful because it’s such a huge mistake...

Culture isn’t something that should attract everyone to your company. A good Culture is designed to squeeze people out.

A good Culture is good because it manages people and their behavior when you’re not there standing over them forcing them to behave the way you want them to behave.

Culture gives your Leadership leverage to allow you to play bigger than you actually are—it’s an extension of you into every nook & cranny of your business.

Culture puts the squeeze on the wrong people!

Yes, of course, we want our Culture to attract people, the right people, but more than any other feature, we want our Culture to naturally eliminate the waste of what is inefficient in our world.

If your Culture only attracts, and never eliminates, you’re doing it wrong.

✌️ Mike

P.S. Here’s the Bad Culture test... When your people are constantly doing, acting, behaving in ways you don’t like when you’re not there to make sure they do it right, you might need to work on your Culture.

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