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Burned Out

An Apple A Day
It may be true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but that doesn't mean you can eat all 365 apples in one day and get the same benefits for a full year.
The value of the apple is in the daily eating; it's in the steady habit of your body getting exactly what it needs to fight off illness and disease. 
Burned-Out, Checked-Out, and Slowly Dying
Regardless of whether you're a salesperson, sales manager, or you own the company, your success comes down to knowing what's important, putting systems in place to do the work, and then making sure they get worked on a consistent basis.
The Salesperson
The office manager may do their job extremely well on a one-week crash course, but expecting a salesperson to make good money, all year long, on one week of motivation and occasional training isn't going to work. They'll get burned-out, lose heart, get distracted, and eventually quit on you.
The Sales Manager
The sales manager may make a good weekly paycheck, and even get some bonus money, but who keeps the sales manager going when they're run down? That good paycheck won't be enough when your sales manager wakes up in the morning, looks in their bathroom mirror, and wonders, "What, exactly, am I doing with my life?"
The Owner
If a business isn't growing, it's dying. There's only two ways a company can go: up or down. If your company feels like a heavy chain around your neck, you know things are about to get a lot worse. Why? Well, obviously, as the leadership goes, so goes the rest of the company.
You can't check-out and expect everybody else to be locked-in and moving forward. 
The Healthy Solution
You might need a boost to get you going, but just like your body has daily needs, your business has daily needs. It also has weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly needs.
The steady habits of business, consistently applied, is where you'll find the difference between healthy, successful businesses and those struggling to survive.
My daughter recently had to get a shot to boost her immune system. They also put her on a 10-day antibiotic treatment and loaded her up with an inhaler, a nasal mist, and two different cough syrups. It took all of it working together to boost her system back into health again.
Thank God, she's healthy again, but now she has to follow the doctors simple routine to make sure she stays healthy: Drink plenty of water every day. Get a good night's rest every night. Take an over-the-counter antihistamine. 
You can't eat all your apples in a day and expect things to work out all year long.
The consistent action of working on what's most important, putting systems in place to help you do your most important work, and then making sure the most important work gets gone is your apple a day.   
✌ Mike

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