About Us

Pictured Left to Right: Mike Coday, Mikey Coday, Emelie Coday, and Shelly Coday

Mike Coday, founder of the popular free Roofing Salesman website and owner of the Roofing Salesman University, is a sentimental family man and retired youth pastor. As a retired youth minister, with parents who were both teachers, it's fair to say that education and consulting are in his blood.

Mike is well known as the pioneer of strategy consulting for the residential roofing industry where he now serves as Master Business Strategist to Roofing Company Owners and top-performing salespeople across America.

The roofing industry was first introduced to Mike in late 2010 while reading the informative articles published on his website, and shortly thereafter from his walking YouTube videos, or subscribing to the popular 101 Sales Tips newsletter.

You can now get daily updates from Mike on Facebook by following the Roofing Salesman page or through his business page.

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