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When it’ll be happy. 😊

reap the harvest sow May 03, 2019
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Production Means Everything Production is Marketing 💰

marketing production sales May 03, 2019
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attention marketing sales May 03, 2019
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Commercial Roofing Sales with Owen Shrock from ROOFQUEST Contractor Network


Recorded live with Owen Shrock.

[*This interview was originally recorded as an exclusive for my private Mastermind group. It is now being shared publicly on the free Roofing Salesman University blog for you.]

The video is grainy and jumpy (my fault). The audio is okay (again, my fault), but the information Owen shares about the nuts & bolts reality of making money in commercial roofing sales is AMAZING!

Seriously, several gold nuggets in here, and I would suggest following up with any other questions when you finish listening. Owen will respond to comments here. So, feel free to comment on this thread and hit the website Owen mentions at the end of the interview.

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Are You Getting Paid?

phone calls Feb 02, 2019

Are you getting paid?

Not every payment comes in the form of cash, check, or charge. If you're not getting paid for the work you do, you're doing it all wrong!

Sign your entire sales team up for the Roofing Salesman University. Ask me for the link by sending a message now or visiting the "Store" link above and scheduling a phone call.

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Sample the Accelerated Version of 101 Sales Tips

101 sales tips sample Feb 02, 2019

Here's a sample of what to expect when you purchase the accelerated version of 101 Sales Tips. Each lesson comes with a corresponding downloadable .mp3 file and .pdf version for your own company sales training sessions.

Visit the "Store" link at the top of this page to sign up now.

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Advice for New Salespeople

sales advice Jan 22, 2019

The advice in this video was crowd-sourced from the Roofing Salesman Facebook page.

Read this article: "HELP PEOPLE"

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The Sucker Test for Roofing Leads Advertising

advertising roofing leads Sep 25, 2018

 Burning Money  
 Roofing Leads 

I won't stay quiet any longer...

This is the simplest of many advertising money tests I personally use before entering a market to generate leads.

I'm going to show it to you now.

If you're buying ads, or paying somebody to run ads for you, and you watch this video, I want you to message me when you finish watching, deal?

My '2-Step Test' will immediately reveal if you, or your competition, is burning money on paid advertising in ANY market in the United States or Canada.

You know me, I don't like calling people out because it makes them feel bad, but massive stacks of good money are getting burned to the ground by people claiming to be online advertising experts.

They're not experts! Most are fakers who talk big.

Imagine if you had your wasted money back in your pocket. You could take another vacation, hire more staff, or double-down on advertising for more good customers.

You can't afford to burn your own money on...

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Buying Bad Customers


Every sale requires an investment.

Your customer invests their money, but you also make a considerable investment of time, energy, attention, reputation, effort, and value in exchange for their money.

Not all customers are created equal.

The return you make on your investment depends entirely on the quality of customer you buy. Good customers make a good profit. But buy the wrong customer, and you could go broke, or wish you would have never made the sale.


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Who Else Do You Know?

referrals Apr 14, 2018

I'm a firm believer that we get stuck where we're at because we're more comfortable where we're at than how much we want to get where we say we want to go.

If you want more business, make this simple strategy a part of your routine.

  1. Call your last customer.
  2. Thank them again for their business.
  3. Ask, "Who else do you know..."

Good luck! Leave a comment below if you're the type of person who gets good advice and follows through by taking immediate action.


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